$1.6 billion for infrastructure in Tasmanian state budget

The Tasmanian Government’s 2019-20 Budget features $1.6 billion worth of infrastructure projects including $294 million for the new Bridgewater Bridge, $180m on water and sewage infrastructure, and upgrades to a major west coast tourism railway.

Some $170m has been allocated for the third tranche of Tasmanian Irrigation’s project, more than $165m for state road upgrades, and $292m for state road maintenance including resurfacing and new line markings.

The Australian Logistics Council welcome the budget, saying it will help Tasmania meet its growing freight demand.

“Tasmania faces a unique set of freight logistics challenges as an island state,” Chief Executive Kirk Coningham said.

“Improving the efficiency and safety of its supply chains will be essential to lock-in the economic gains of recent years and accommodate the freight demands of a growing population.”

The Budget also features $16m over four years for the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

“The popularity of the railway has seen visitor numbers spike from 20,270 four years ago to 32,551 last year, and it is currently experiencing around 7.21 per cent visitor growth year-on-year,” Tasmanian Infrastructure Minister, Jeremy Rockcliff, said.

Crews will replace 18km of track and upgrade bridges, and introduce a fourth steam locomotive to meet increased needs and passengers.