2019 Federal Election wrap

ALGA has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison on behalf of the sector congratulating him on his election win, thanking him for the increase in Roads to Recovery funding and reminding him of the importance of the Financial Assistance Grants to local governments for unlocking our communities potential.

At this stage the new Local Government Minister remains uncertain. In a Coalition Government the local government portfolio is traditionally held by a member of the Nationals.

The Nationals on 23 May reelected Michael McCormack MP as Leader and Senator Bridget McKenzie Deputy Leader.

Senator McKenzie was the Minister for Local Government and Decentralisation in the 45th Parliament, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison has yet to announce his new Cabinet for the incoming 46th Parliament.

As outlined in the President’s Column, many of the initiatives for which ALGA has campaigned since September 2018 remain yet to be realised.

There was progress in some areas such as more Roads to Recovery and Bridges Renewal funding, continued local roads funding for South Australia and extra money for local sport infrastructure.

However, still outstanding are a fairer federal funding deal via the Financial Assistance Grants, plus meaningful federal action on climate change and Australia’s rising recycling and waste management problems.