2019 Roads Congress Profiles – telematics and research

From left, Lou Boyle and Michael Caltabiano.

Better tracking of vehicle fleets and applying the latest developments in road research can help local councils to both improve their governance and also prepare for impending changes in mobility, such as by autonomous vehicles.

That’s the message two experts will share at the National Local Roads and Transport Congress in Hahndorf 18-20 November.

Lou Boyle, National Manager of Local Government for Teletrac Navman, will explain how councils are using telematics (vehicle tracking) – as part of their “green fleet” strategies or for better governance.

“The key thing is the data,” he said.

“Data is the only asset that appreciates with use and in a local government scenario allowing other business units or work groups to see the data that is relevant to their area of interest can result in considerable outcomes.

“We work with more than 100 councils in Australia, in every region and every state, and each council introduced the tech to solve a specific problem such as workplace health and safety, cost savings or asset utilization, for example.

“The interesting thing is that when the tech is introduced, other benefits are realised.”

At the Congress, Mr Boyle will cite several examples and expand on the relationship between telematics and smart cities.

“We’re seeing mature, smart-city strategies include telematics as a key initiative, that is it’s generating significant cost savings, helping to manage carbon footprints and improved service delivery.

Another benefit occurs when an organisation demystifies big data and makes it part of its culture, he added.

The head of the Australian Road Research Board, Michael Caltabiano, will tell Congress delegates about changes happening in the transportation sector and the implications for the future mobility of all Australians.

“I will discuss the trends that are happening globally and the impacts these changes are going to have on Local Government,” Mr Caltabiano said.

The ARRB’s research, which is available to Local Government, includes safety solutions and asset management.

Mr Caltabiano will provide Congress with examples, including how the board’s vehicles scan roads to gain a better understanding of pavement conditions above and below a road’s surface, and also how safe a road’s surface is.

Mr Caltabiano will also expand on four new guides for Local Government, which cover road materials, road surfaces and bridge management.

Image: From left, Lou Boyle (Teletrac Navman) and Michael Caltabiano (ARRB).

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