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Regions and Cities
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The ALGA 2017-20 Strategic Plan identifies strengthening regions and cities as a strategic priority.


Local government across Australia is a democratically-elected level of government that provides local leadership and good governance for local and regional communities. Local governments are responsible for the provision of planning, coordination, facilitation and delivery of services and infrastructure at the local level. Local governments play a critical role in land use planning and development, urban design, and building assessment and compliance.

Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world. However, many thousands of Australians live and work in regional and rural Australia. Accordingly, ALGA seeks to support all city, regional and rural councils in meeting the specific needs of their citizens wherever they live.

ALGA’s objective is to strengthen councils’ ability to meet the needs of local and regional communities and create vibrant, livable, resilient and sustainable built and natural environments and communities. 

To achieve these obectives ALGA will seek to:

  • Secure appropriate Commonwealth policies and funding to strengthen the sustainablity of Australian cities
  • Secure appropriate Commonwealth policies and funding to build and maintain sustainable regional comunities across Australia
  • Promote the use of existing regional structures of local government, that may include Regional Development Australia (RDAs) as the primary mechanism to be resourced and augmented as appropriate to deliver Federal regional programs and initiatives
  • Work in partnership with the Commonwealth to deliver environmental outcomes, human services, natural resource management, housing and water objectives at the local level with adequate levels of funding
  • Enhance the capacity of local government to prepare, respond and effectively recover from natural disasters
  • Ensure the federal government understands the benefits of  the role of local government in land-use planning and long-term planning in local government areas. 

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