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A guide to integrated local area planning

This guide explains the concept of integrated local area planning and suggests how it can be promoted by local government. July 1993

Accessible communities

This booklet provides practical knowledge needed to provide quality services to to residents and visitors with a disability. September 1996

Age friendly built environment

This paper covers a range of age-friendly built environment issues, including several case studies of interest, which continue to be relevant for local councils. 2006

Accessible workplaces

Best practice resources for the employment of people with disabilities in local government. May 1997

Attracting and retaining professional and skilled people in regional Australia: A practitioner's guide

The guide was published by the Standing Committee on Regional Development (SCORD) on behalf of the Regional Development Council of which ALGA is an active member. February 2004

Arts bibliography

Australia Council library: Local government cultural policy. May 1999

Bio-diversity strategy: Executive summary

The National local governemnt bio-diversity strategy has been developed to assist local goverment be a key partner in bio-diversity conservation. October 2000

Disability Discrimination Act action plans

This guide assists councils in developing and implementing action plans, and outlines the specific legislative requirements of the action plan process. 1995

Designing competitive places

Designing competitive places has been produced to help Australian councils face the urgent need for reform in the way urban areas are developed and managed. 1999

Developing competitive regions

Concepts and ideas for developing and sustaining regional economies. 1999

Justice and equity for all

This book contains positive and encouraging examples of what can be acheived when local government and ATSIC regional councils recognise and integrate their respective roles in local planning. May 1999

Local government and families in the community

This publication presents a set of national principles, and a national position statement for local government, on families in the community. May 1998

Regional environmental strategies: How to prepare and implement them

A guide for local government, regional organisations, catchment and landcare groups 1997

Towards a national regional benchmarking system

This report contributes towards a broader understanding of the benefits of regional benchmarking and what indicators may be useful in the development of a national regional benchmarking system. September 2002

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