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Roads are by far local government's biggest asset. Local roads comprise 85% by length of Australia's total road network and have an estimated value of about $75bn.

It is vital that local government maintain, and where appropriate upgrade, the local road system to the best extent possible given its very scarce resources. Councils have road use and condition data and asset management plans to help determine maintenance and new works programs.

ALGA with funding from the Federal Government developed the National Local Roads Data System. When Federal funding ceased, updating of the system was no longer able to be continued.

ALGA commissioned Jeff Roorda and Associates to undertake a pilot study as phase one of a National State of the Assets reporting process. The results of this work have been published in the Report National State of the Assets Pilot 2012, November 2012.

Programs of particular interest are:

2014 NATIONAL STATE OF THE ASSETS REPORT - Extension for Data Collection

To enable all councils to submit data for inclusion in the 2014 National State of the Assets (NSOA) Report commissioned by the Australian Local Government Association, the closing date has been extended until Friday 10 October 2014  .

ALGA has contracted Jeff Roorda and Associates (JRA) to update the National State of the Assets Report, following on from the successful 2013 edition which reported on the state of local government road assets and the degree of asset management and long term financial planning implementation across the country.

344 councils took part in the 2013 survey and ALGA is urging all councils to take part in this year's update to ensure a comprehensive report is developed.

The NSOA Report which will be released by ALGA at the National Local Roads and Transport Congress in Tamworth 12 - 14 November 2014.

Responses to the survey will now close on Friday 10 October 2014.

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