CASA consultation for aerodrome operators

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) seeks feedback from councils and other aerodrome operators as part of a consultation process for the upcoming changes to Part 139 (aerodromes) regulations.

These consultations focus on the transition from the current rules, to the new rules which come into effect in August this year. 

CASA proposes delaying some of the new regulatory requirements during the transition period, to allow additional time for industry to prepare and comply with significant changes.

It also intends to bring forward some of the visual aid requirements of chapter eight of its Part 139 Manual of Standards which cover aerodrome markings, markers, signs etc, and chapter nine in relation to the use of inset runway lights.

“Additionally, consideration has been given to grandfathering new aerodromes or aerodrome facilities under development, against the current rules where construction will not be complete by 13 August 2020,” CASA said.

See more details here and respond before 2 March 2020. For further information email