Cities housing research projects

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) will take a closer look at cities, including local government coordination, as part of its new Cities Research Agenda.

Researchers will focus on five projects: metropolitan governance, urban transportation, housing supply and population, cities policy, and cities-related issues.

“We’re excited to see AHURI extend our research into the cities and urban policy arenas, and believe our skilled research network will deliver highly policy relevant findings to help government and industry address some of the major issues facing Australian cities,” Institute Executive Director, Dr Michael Fotheringham, said.

The Local Government Co-ordination: Metropolitan Governance in Twenty-first Century Australia project will “investigate the experiences of local government in cooperative models of Australian metropolitan governance, and provide recommendations for policy and the development of more extensive research on metropolitan governance.”

It will be led by Associate Professor Andrew Butt of RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research and School of Global, Urban, and Social Issues.