Commonwealth launches new Centre for Population

The Commonwealth’s primary centre for all population matters, the new Centre for Population, has been formally launched in Canberra and will soon begin operations with 20 staff.

Based in Treasury, the Centre will work closely with the states and territories, academics and think tanks in order to share data, research, ideas and expertise on population, Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, Alan Tudge, said.

“It’s about having greater transparency for everybody to see, so that we can then integrate our population forecasts, what’s occurring around Australia, with the infrastructure, with the housing approvals, with the services et cetera,” Minister Tudge told Sky News Australia.

Officials also released the Planning for Australia’s Future Population document, which outlines areas includes position statements on how the Commonwealth will work with Local, State and Territory Governments.

It outlines how population will now be on the agenda for all future meeting of the Council of Australian Governments, of which ALGA is a member.

The new Centre comes ahead of the second meeting of the Treasurer’s Forum on Population next week in Canberra.

The Forum is part of the Council on Federal Financial Relations.  Forum members include ALGA President, Mayor David O’Loughlin, and State and Territory Treasurers.

The Forum is working on a National Population and Planning Framework and has established two working groups – one on regional analysis and another on data and forecasting.

“These working groups have commenced and their ongoing work will form a strong basis for continued collaboration with States, Territories and ALGA,” the population document said.