Council officer retires after 50 years at Manningham, Victoria

Congratulations to William ‘Buddy’ Darmody who has retired after 50 years as a Council Officer with Manningham Council.

“I am grateful for the opportunities Manningham Council has given me over all these years,” he said, and added he was sad to leave.

Buddy started with the council, then called the City of Doncaster and Templestowe, when he left school as a keen 16-year-old with an intellectual disability.

“Buddy has been there ever since, working on a road crew, as a trade assistant, maintaining the workshop and more recently washing and detailing Council fleet vehicles,” his sister and carer, Liz Clarke, said.

“He has never not wanted to go to work, even when he’s been unwell, which is a testament to the friendship and support he received from staff and the organisation.

“It’s incredible what a positive work environment can have on an individual’s life.”

Manningham Council CEO, Andrew Day, said Buddy has the distinction of being the Council’s longest-serving employee.

“Fifty years’ service is an incredible achievement,” Mr Day said.

“The one gift Buddy can absolutely walk away with is the one we all crave for, the love and respect of friends and colleagues.”

Buddy also has the honour of being Manningham’s only employee with a section of roadway named after them.

Buddy’s Way, the road into Manningham’s Depot Office was named for him when he marked 45 years with the council.