Data sharing legislation roundtables

A series of roundtables will be held in locations across Australia in the coming weeks to help the Australian Government better understand communities’ views about Data Sharing and Release legislation, and also how that sharing might affect Indigenous Australians.

The new legislation is aimed at streamlining access to “integrated datasets to trusted users who can use them safely,” the Office of the National Data Commissioner said in a discussion paper.

“For example, integrated datasets developed under the Data Integration Partnerships for Australia have been used to deliver a National Drought Map to help meaningful support reach drought affected farmers and communities.”

Each roundtable will last for about two hours, at which officials seek views on areas including the purpose for sharing data for commercial ends, data protection standards, and enforcement and penalties.

The National Data Commissioner also said it needs to pay close attention to matters related to Indigenous data, including Indigenous data sovereignty and Indigenous peoples’ access to Indigenous data that’s held by government to enable regional decision-making.

Part of that will involve Indigenous-specific round tables in Broome, Shepparton, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney.

The deadline for public comments is 15 October and these can be made online.