Keeping under 5s safe online

The Federal Government’s eSafety Commissioner has released a new guide for adults to help keep safe children under five when they’re using the internet.

The free booklet was released during Safer Internet Day on 11 February, and more than 11,000 copies have been sent to every early childhood education and child care centre across Australia.

“The reality is these days kids are learning to swipe before they can walk or talk, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because they can learn and develop important skills and behaviours with the right kind of online content,” eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said during the launch at Parliament House.

The eSafety office also helps with online abuse and bullying, and getting harmful content removed from the internet.

It defines “cyber abuse” as “behaviour that uses technology to threaten, intimidate, harass or humiliate someone — with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically.”

Its page for adults experiencing online abuse contains information including definitions of abuse, targeted advice about what people can do, and how to report it to police or the eSafety office.