Local Government Safe Cities Network shares projects

Members of the Local Government Safe Cities Network have met in Parramatta to share ideas and projects that are in place or are proposed.

Representatives from the City of Parramatta presented their draft night city framework and crime prevention plan, which included a walking tour after the 14 November meeting to see the plans in action.

Sydney Olympic Park representatives attended the meeting and provided an overview of how Sydney Olympic Park manages venues and safety.

Members also heard a presentation of Melbourne’s ‘Project Nightlife’ in which local artists will be commissioned to make must-see light sculptures that will attract visitors to some of the city’s neglected corners.

Members heard international examples of what’s called “nighttime design”, presented by visiting New York-based consultant Leni Schwendinger, who heads an international initiative to design night time activities in cities differently from those in day time.

Night time design’s purpose is to safely use public spaces at night, improve public health, and boost local economies.

Members also discussed improvements proposed for the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors’ Night Time Economy research project, to be included in next year’s update.