National plastics summit in March

The Commonwealth will host Australia’s first national plastics summit this March to explore new ways of remanufacturing the ubiquitous product and boost understanding about recycling strategies.

Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, said around 200 people will be invited to Canberra, including representatives from local government associations, State Governments, researchers, children and retailers.

“Consumer and community education will be a key focus, along with the role of school children and young adults in influencing household behaviour, and in highlighting the link between industry action and community interests,” she said in a statement.

“We will be looking for commitments from industry that will create jobs, research opportunities, education initiatives and practical community outcomes.”

The National Waste Policy Action Plan has a target of phasing out “problematic and unnecessary plastics” by 2025.

ALGA will be attending and is working with the Australian Government to determine local government involvement.