New discussion paper for National General Assembly motions

A new discussion paper from the Australian Local Government Association  welcomes motions for the next National General Assembly (NGA) of Local Government, which will be held in Canberra from 14-17 June 2020.

Motions can be submitted between 18 November 2019 and 27 March 2020, and must address the NGA’s theme of “working together for our communities”.

Questions from councils could focus on how Local Governments can work in partnership with the Australian Government to address the challenges or opportunities that communities face.

Criteria for motions for inclusion in the NGA Business Papers and subsequent debate on the floor of the NGA include that motions must be relevant to the work of local government nationally, and must complement or build on the policy objectives of a council’s state or territory local government association.

“Some of the challenges and opportunities facing Australia were outlined in the CSIRO’s Australian National Outlook 2019,” the ALGA discussion paper said.

“Many of the challenges have direct implications for local governments and the communities they represent and provide services for.

“These challenges can also be opportunities that, if seized and managed appropriately, can ensure that our councils and communities thrive.

“This will require long-term planning, significant effort, and a cultural shift that will rebuild trust in institutions and all tiers of government, encourage healthy risk taking, and incorporate environmental and social outcomes in decision-making.”

There were 187 motions submitted in 2019, which were consolidated into a number of strategic motions. Some 121 motions were included in the main debate section and voted on during the NGA.

Here is a list of all Resolutions and any responses received by ALGA.

Meanwhile, the 2020 gathering also includes the annual Regional Cooperation and Development Forum, which will be held on Sunday 14 June at the National Convention Centre.