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23 February 2018
Minister McVeigh meets ALGA Board
THE FINANCIAL stability of Local Government was a key aspect of talks this week between the ALGA Board and Federal Regional Development and Local Government Minister John McVeigh.
Victorian councils confront recycling realities
WARRNAMBOOL City Council says its ratepayers face hikes of between $40-50 next year as a result of the collapse in the global market for recyclable materials.
President's column
LIKE A SLOW-motion car crash, the unfolding crisis in the waste and recycling industry is looking worse by the minute for Local Government, particularly in Victoria.
16 February 2018
US study confirms mitigation's cost-effectiveness
EVERY dollar spent on increasing the resilience of existing buildings saves $6 in property losses, health costs, and business interruptions, new US research has found.
President's column
THE DEBATE around reducing indigenous disadvantage is usually so steeped in disappointment it's hard to see the upside, or to even consider how we in Local Government could play a key role.
09 February 2018
President's column
THIS WEEK's COAG meeting will be discussing a range of important issues, not the least of which is the child sexual abuse inquiry and the implications for Local Government.
Recyclables outlook continues to worsen
THE RIPPLES from China's waste import ban and the depressed recyclables market are continuing to spread, with further stockpiling of council collections a near inevitability.
NSW councils 'need to lift reporting standards'
LOCAL Government in NSW is not doing enough to demonstrate competent service delivery to its constituents, says the state's Auditor-General.
02 February 2018
Outlook for recyclables continues to worsen
THE RIPPLES from China's waste import ban and the depressed recyclables market are continuing to spread, with more stockpiling of kerbside collections an inevitability.
Toowoomba 'a model for decentralisation'
REGIONAL Development Minister John McVeigh says Toowoomba's emergence as a major regional centre is a strong advertisement for federal decentralisation.
President's column
THE PROSPECTS of achieving tangible social housing justice for remote Indigenous communities are at risk.
26 January 2018
Funding confirmed for Launceston City Deal
PRIME MINISTER Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed the Commonwealth will invest $130 million in the Launceston City Deal, and set in motion a deal for Hobart.
Trauma surgeon wants national black spot program scrapped
LEADING surgeon John Crozier says the 'flawed' national black spot program needs to be replaced by a more proactive road improvement strategy.
President's column
WHETHER you're enjoying the last of your summer holidays or you're already back at your desk, Happy New Year. It's shaping as an exciting and important time for Local Government.