Truck Curfews, NGA Cancelled, Federal Court Ruling on Telstra’s Payphones | ALGA News 20 March 2020

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President's column

Droughts, bushfires and now a global virus – the need for strong and stable Local Government has never been greater for our communities. The Prime Minister’s recent announcements dramatically underline that Governments at all levels must step up to keep the nation healthy, our businesses solvent and people in jobs. Councils are the most connected+

PM Announces Further Restrictions to Slow the Spread of the Coronavirus

On Wednesday 18th March, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced restrictions being put in place to address the spread of coronavirus in Australia. He stressed this is not a two-week solution it is most likely to be six months. “Life is changing in Australia, as it is changing all around the world. Life is going to+

2020 National General Assembly Cancelled

Unfortunately the 2020 National General Assembly (NGA) will not go ahead in June 2020. The ALGA Board has made this difficult decision in light of the Government’s decision to ban non-essential gatherings of more than 100 people at indoor venues as part of its efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus. The Prime Minister has+

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Truck Curfews and Supermarket Deliveries

The ALGA Board expressed its support for councils doing everything they can to ensure supermarkets are restocked and rejected recent criticism of local governments as a key cause in problems restocking supermarket shelves. When approached by Coles and Woolworths for temporary exemptions to curfews most Councils have readily agreed. Some like the Knox City Council+

Continued operation of Council Facilities

The Coronavirus pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges for all councils when considering issues around the continued operation of council facilities and services. This can include libraries, pools, leisure centres, service centres, halls and caravan parks Each council will need to make its own decisions in light of its unique circumstances, the community’s needs and the+

Federal Court Ruling on Telstra’s New Payphone Cabinets

In a Federal Court ruling issued last week, Telstra has won a case which will allow it to continue rolling out its New Payphone Cabinets with 75 inch (190cm) digital advertising screens as “low impact facilities” which do not require council planning approval. Schedule 3 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 provides that if a structure+

Update on the Waste Ban

ALGA, the state and territory local governments and a large number of councils were involved in a consultation process earlier this year on the proposed ban on the export of waste paper, plastic, glass and tyres. Last week the Council of Australian Governments agreed to the phased introduction of the export ban. The ban on+

2020 National Road Safety Week Postponed

Due to Covid-19 virus, the organisers of the 2020 National Road Safety Week have decided that it is in the best interests of the Australian community to postpone. As such, the Week is now scheduled for 9th – 15th November, with the national launch in Sydney proposed for Sunday 8th November 2020. Postponing the Week+