NGA motions closing soon

Image shows the logo for the 2020 National General assem

Time’s running out for councils to draft motions and submit them for the 2020 National General Assembly of Local Government in Canberra.

The deadline is 11:59pm AEST Friday 27 March, meaning many councils may have only two monthly meetings in which to discuss and debate any motion.

Held each June, the National General Assembly of Local Government (NGA) is the largest gathering of local government representatives in Australia and is a vital way for councils to influence the national policy agenda.

Councils are urged to read all sections in this short discussion paper the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) Secretariat has prepared, before they draft motions.

Motions must address the NGA’s 2020 theme of “working together for our communities”.

For example, motions could focus on how Local Governments can work in partnership with the Australian Government to address the challenges or opportunities that communities face.

The criteria for motions for inclusion in the NGA Business Papers and subsequent debate on the floor of the NGA includes that motions must be relevant to the work of local government nationally.

Motions must also complement or build on the policy objectives of a council’s state or territory local government association.

They must also contain a specific call to action and result, for example, “that the National General Assembly calls on the Australian Government to do X.”

Please remember that the focus of the NGA is on partnerships and working together.