NSW’s $13m grants to divert food, garden waste

Local councils in NSW can until 29 August apply for $13.3 million in grants to divert food and garden waste from landfill by turning the waste into other products.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority said the grants will help successful applicants to buy small and large infrastructure and equipment to recycle food and garden waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

“Councils and business have an opportunity to invest in infrastructure to start processing food waste as well as garden organics waste,” said the Authority’s Head of Organics, Amanda Kane.

“From saving good food from becoming a waste to making the most of food waste as a resource, these grants are increasing the capacity of industry, local government and food charities to handle more food.”

The five grant categories are: Organics Processing Infrastructure, Onsite Business Recycling, Food Donation Infrastructure, Product Quality and Transfer Stations.

The NSW EPA said it has already distributed $43m for 89 projects, which have included collecting 8,500 tonnes of surplus food each year, or the equivalent of 17 million meals.