Innovation and Digital Transformation

The ALGA 2017-20 Strategic Plan identifies strengthening innovation and digital transformation in local government as a strategic priority.

Local government, like other levels of government, is being transformed by increased digital connectivity and ALGA is working to ensure that councils are able to access appropriate skills and infrastructure to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Digital transformation will integrate digital technology into all areas of a business, resulting in fundamental changes to how councils and businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. Citizens increasingly want to do their business online through computers, smart phones and tablets. The Commonwealth Digital Transformation Agency is driving the transformation agenda at the federal level and more information is available on their website at

Citizens interact with local government services and infrastructure on a daily basis and many of these services require transactions between the resident, agent or business and their council. More and more government services, including local government services, are becoming available through digital services. Accordingly, local governments are embracing innovative technology to grow and diversify their local economies, connect their communities, and to facilitate business transactions and opportunities.

ALGA’s objective is to help state and territory associations support councils to innovate and embrace technology, to improve the quality of council services and to better meet the needs of their local communities.

To achieve these objectives ALGA will seek to:

  • Promote the role of local government in facilitating innovation and economic development
  • Advocate opportunities for digital transformation to improve productivity and services to communities
  • Monitor national initiatives and share information between state and territory associations and councils
  • Advocate for Commonwealth funding for councils for digital transformation to enable smart communities.