Prime Minister unveils new regional parliamentary committee and statement

The Coalition will establish a House of Representatives Select Committee to examine the future of rural and regional Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said.

Speaking in Dubbo, he also announced Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, is working on a regional statement as the Minister for Regional Development.

The Federal Government will also recall Major General Michael Jeffery, the former National Soils Advocate, to resume the role and make it a permanent office within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

“That is why our Government will support his recommendation to adopt as a national objective to ‘restore and maintain the health of the Australian agricultural landscape to guarantee a food secure nation and sustainable farming communities’,” the Prime Minister said.

“We will also support Major General Jeffery’s work by providing $2 million over 4 years for the invaluable work of Soils for Life.

“This is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the adoption of regenerative landscape management.”

The Prime Minister also said the Coalition backed the National Farmers’ Federation’s goal to make farm production a $100 billion industry.

“Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie will draw together a national plan to enable Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to become a $100 billion industry by 2030,” the Prime Minister added.