State of the Regions Report 2011-2012


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The 2011-12 State of the Regions report was commissioned by ALGA and prepared by National Economics.

This year’s State of the Regions Report for 2011-12 critically examines the impact of the current mining boom. What are the real benefits and costs, and what are implications for Australia’s regions into the future. A case study on Norway’s experience with managing their oil boom is also included.

The report presents an updated discussion on the trends in population, looking at the growth in population and the impacts this is having on business productivity.

Others issues examined as part of this year’s report, include:

  • The state of housing demand and supply
  • The capacity of households to pay for housing
  • Levels of house prices and mortgage burdens
  • Measures of regional divergence
  • Telecommunications
  • The NBN:basic costs and benefits
  • Climate change- an international update.

The Report provides considerable evidence and arguments that reinforces that all levels of government need to be proactive in addressing national disparity if Australia is to avoid the “boom and bust” economics of the past.

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