State of the Regions Report 2013-14


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The 2013-14 State of the Regions report was commissioned by ALGA and prepared by National Economics.

This year’s report incorporates the latest census analysis examining population and migration, as well as distribution of employment, income and household wealth, including the scale of  private savings and mortgage burdens.

The value of increasing infrastructure investment, (particularly transport) and productivity across industries is discussed.

Individual chapters are devoted to examining the consequences for the Australian economy and its regions post mining boom, the impact of market economics and infrastructure investment, and the implications from a social and economic perspective of natural disasters.

The report assesses regional inefficiencies based on last year’s benchmarking methodology and continues the debate on what may be required in developing a more rational approach to regional development in this country.

Chapter outlines include:

  • Snapshot of regional indicators;
  • Population and Migration;
  • Recent trends in employment, income and wealth;
  • Post 2005 Mining expansion- consequences for the Australian economy and its regions to 2013 and beyond;
  • The role of public sector investment in regional economic development: impact and financing;
  • Towards increasing infrastructure investment;
  • Local Government and natural disasters;
  • Productivity trends in Australia -1978 to 2012;
  • Markey economies and Australian policy;
  • Six decades of Australian macroeconomic history;

The Report contains detailed economic projections for 67 regions.

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