State of the Regions Report 2014-15


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The 2014-15 State of the Regions report was commissioned by ALGA and prepared by National Economics.

This year’s Report examines the challenges facing Australia’s regions in strengthening their competiveness in the global economy. Infrastructure remains one of the key drivers in economic growth and this  report investigates the full range of infrastructure needs that are necessary in delivering  sustainable regional development across the country.

In continuing with the infrastructure theme, the Report also presents a discussion of the major challenges facing Northern Australia and the macro structural adjustment challenges facing regional Australia, post mining and housing booms. The report  includes a detailed regional analysis of what this means for all industry sectors, employment and the country’s six main metropolitan regions.

The Report includes a discussion on the role played by income tax concessions for regional Australia,  a comparison of five large metropolitan regions, as well as analysing future employment prospects from a regional perspective, particularly as it relates to youths.

Chapter outlines include:

  1. Where to from here?
  2. Infrastructure Investment and regional economic development;
  3. Investment in infrastructure for commuting;
  4. The aftermath of the mining boom;
  5. Northern Australia;
  6. Income tax zone rebates;
  7. Telecommunications update
  8. Trends in income, wealth and housing
  9. Unemployment;
  10. Industry structure as measured by employment;

Appendix 1 – Comprehensive Regional Indicators for 67 regions

Appendix 2 – Metropolitan Indicators

Appendix 3 – Inter-regional Comparison Indicators

Appendix 4 – Index of LGAs and Region Membership

Appendix 5 – Indicator Explanations

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