State of the Regions Report 2016-2017


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The 2016-17 State of the Regions report was commissioned by ALGA and prepared by National Economics.

The report argues that reducing the inequality of income distribution within and between Australian regions will be pivotal to strengthening Australia’s economy and bridging the employment fallout from the subsiding mining boom in low income regions.

The report provides evidence showing the association between income inequality at a regional level and economic growth on a national level. It does this by looking in detail at the structure of regional incomes, including housing and wealth. It argues, with the right type of additional investment, local government is strategically placed to coordinate job-creation policies at the local level to improve Australia’s economic performance and hence make an important contribution to national economic growth.

Further evidence is provided that Australia has under invested in infrastructure, particularly of a transport nature. The need for improved asset management systems is discussed as is the case for additional investment in local roads.

The report includes updates on the aftermath of the mining boom, climate change, Northern Australia and the state of housing affordability of Australia’s largest cities.

Chapter outlines include:

  1. Introduction and Updates;
  2. Infrastructure Investment and regional economic development;
  3. The Structure of Regional Incomes;
  4. Income inequality within and between regions;
  5. Employment, education, training and skills;
  6. Housing and wealth;
  7. The State of Assets;
  8. Housing Affordability.

Appendix 1 – Comprehensive Regional Indicators for 67 regions

Appendix 2 – Aggregated Regional Indicators

Appendix 3 – Core Indicators

Appendix 4 – Index of LGAs and Region Membership

Appendix 5 – Indicator Explanations

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