Regional Agricultural Show grants

The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture is encouraging organisers of Agricultural Shows in regional areas to apply for  grants of up to $500,000.

The Regional Agricultural Show Development Grants Program (AgShows), valued at $20 million over two years, is designed to help keep regional communities strong and resilient.

Grants can be used to upgrade, maintain, purchase and build new showground infrastructure in regional areas, as well as providing other tangible infrastructure and assets that improve shows and the skills of show societies.

The influx of funding in these areas can provide employment opportunities and stimulate local economies to provide long-lasting community benefits.

Local governments may be asked by show societies to offer written support in ensuring all requirements of a future grant agreement are met, for example, by providing evidence that the entity responsible for the showground supports the application.

Councils’ support of local show societies to submit applications is strongly encouraged, particularly for smaller societies that may benefit from assistance with the application process.

Applications are open until 13 December 2019 and will be assessed by an independent selection panel in a merit-based, competitive grant assessment process.