Role for regions in Bioenergy plan

The role of regional Australia and alternative fuel sources for transportation are among the areas to be considered in a new Bioenergy plan that the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will develop on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.

Bioenergy, also called biomass, is a renewable energy source created from organic and renewable materials which can produce heat, electricity, biogas and liquid fuels. 

“Bioenergy and energy from waste technologies are well-developed worldwide, with the International Energy Agency’s forecasted renewables report identifying this area as an ‘overlooked giant’ within the renewables space,” ARENA CEO Darren Miller said.

The plan will assess topics including the economic opportunities for Australia, including a focus on regional Australia, and the potential for biofuels to decarbonise the industrial and transport sectors, particularly difficult sectors such as aviation and marine industries.

Industry sectors will be consulted early next year, with the final plan due to be given to the Commonwealth in mid-2020.