Smart Cities 2019 award winners

Five councils from across the country have received top honours at the 2019 Smart Cities Awards that recognise how cities are using technology to become better places in which to live.

The awards capped a two-day gathering in March that brought together officials from councils, buildings, roads, transport and utilities industries to share what they’re doing, and honour their peers.

The City of Wanneroo (WA) won the best integration of an individual technology category for its Railsmart planning support system. Judges said the project takes travel and modelling data from across metropolitan Perth “and applies them to the City of Wanneroo to showcase detailed transport modelling, employment and land use trends and enables scenario modelling of potential outcomes at activity centres.”

City of Newcastle (NSW) and City of Prospect (SA) jointly won the Metropolitan Smart City of the Year category for cities with populations greater than 100,000. Judges said Newcastle’s strategy features more than 100 actions that “ensure its infrastructure is integrated and its platforms are embedded in council operations and community thinking.” They said Prospect’s was “based on collaboration with other Councils and the South Australian Government to maximise economic, environmental and community benefit.”

Latrobe City Council (VIC) and the City of Darwin (recipients pictured above) jointly shared the regional category for populations below 100,000 residents. Judges said La Trobe has built Australia’s largest real-time environmental monitoring network which combines “bushfire ignition detection, flood level monitoring, air quality tracking and 24-hour microclimate weather monitoring” and relays the information to residents instantly. The Northern Territory’s capital was recognised for its ‘Switched on Darwin’ project which uses a range of technologies to make the city more sustainable and liveable.

See here for details about individual winners and finalists.