Victorian council adds 4th recycling bin

A rural council in southwestern Victoria says it’s one of the few councils in Australia to add a fourth bin – glass – to its collection service, and save ratepayers money by reducing waste going to landfill.

Moyne Shire Council said the purple-lidded bin was initially to be tested for six months only in the town of Koroit, but after waste processor SKM Recycling collapsed, councilors decided to expand it to the whole shire.

“A shire-wide rollout of glass-only kerbside collection is not just better for the environment, it’s better economic management of our waste,” Mayor Mick Wolfe said.

“By introducing the fourth bin and separating glass, which currently accounts for around 40 percent of recyclables in yellow kerbside bins, all recyclables become easier to process.”

“Council will no longer be reliant on SKM as there are other facilities that can process recyclables that are not contaminated by glass.”

He said council will also use facilities that can crush the glass and use it as a substitute for sand in road making.

“This decision puts Moyne at the forefront of waste management,” Mayor Wolfe said.

“Moyne is one of only a few councils that we know of across the country that are including a glass-only kerbside collection.”